Industrial TFT Monitors

Industrial TFT Monitors

GSR Technology Industrial chassis TFT monitors are fully enclosed and configured display solutions for gaming, POS, retail, Information kiosks, control room and many other industrial type applications. Optional interface including VGA, DVI and HDMI and standard VESA mounting holes allow flexibility in product design.

Sizes start from 3.5” upto 65” and all include state-of-the-art LED backlight to support low power consumption and ensuring high quality / design.

All sizes come with a standard chassis frame. For custom projects please speak to the GSR sales team.

SizeResolutionPart NumberBrightnessInput signalMonitor Dimensions
7"[email protected]P070CRDW250 nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)193mm x 145mm x 38mm
8.4"[email protected]P084CRDW250 nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)230mm x 183mm x 35mm
10.4"1024 x [email protected]P104CRDW230nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)265mm x 197mm x 42mm
12.1"1024 x [email protected]P121CRDW500nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)300mm x 239mm x 41mm
15"1024 x [email protected]P150CRDW250nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)350mm x 274mm x 42mm
15.6"1366 x [email protected]P156CRDW250nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)380mm x 233mm x 45mm
17"[email protected]P170CRDW250nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)380mm x 312mm x 46mm
17.3"[email protected]P173CRDW400nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)425mm x 259mm x 50mm
18.5"[email protected]P185CRDW250nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)458mm x 279mm x 46mm
19"[email protected]P190CRDW250nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)425mm x 350mm x 47mm
21.5"[email protected]P215CRDW250nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)519mm x 323mm x 47mm
24.0"[email protected]P240CRDW250nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)572.5mm x 337mm x 48mm
27.0"[email protected]P270CRDW300nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)650.0mm x 388.0mm x 50.5mm
32.0"[email protected]P320CRDW500nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)808.0mm x 498.0mm x 73.0mm
42.0"[email protected]P420CRDW500nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)981.0mm x 572.0mm x 92.0mm
46.0"[email protected]P460CRDW700nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)1062.4mm x 619.0mm x 88.5mm
55.0"[email protected]P550CRDW500nits15pin D-SUB, DVI (option->Display port, HDMI, composite)1260.5mm x 683.6mm x 104.5mm

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