High Brightness LCD Display

High Bright Monitors

GSR Technology offers a full range of High Bright Monitors from 3.5” up to 65” for readable sunlight displays.

GSR technology’s High Brightness LCD Displays are ideally suited to a number of applications including:

  • bus/train stations
  • marine
  • airports
  • information kiosk
  • retail shop windows

GSR High Brightness Monitors are essential for outdoor display applications and bright environments.

Sunlight Readable Display Solutions

For sunlight readable displays solutions, GSR Technology’s High Brightness LCD Display features brightness up to 2500 nits, making them the ideal solution for outdoor applications.

All Sunlight readable LCD display solutions come in various formats such as:

  • TFT-LCD only
  • kit form
  • open frame
  • fully housed
  • waterproof chassis
  • and customised designs.

Features of Our High Bright LCD Displays

  • Screen sizes – 3.5” upto 65”
  • Brightness – 700 nit upto 2500 nit
  • Industrial grade LED backlights (analog / PWM dimming control)
  • Extra wide viewing angles
  • Extra wide operating temperatures from -30C / +85C
  • Sunlight Readable

Specifications of High & Ultra Bright Monitors

GSR have a large range of industrial High Bright TFT LCD monitors in a range sizes and resolutions. View our datasheets below for display interface information and optical characteristics.

FormatModel NumberBrightness (nit)ResolutionInterfaceFeatures
3.5"(4:3)GSR03B1 V1 / V21000 / 450320x240Digital
4.3"(16:9)GSR04B1 V4 / V5 / V6 / V71000 / 800 / 500 / 400480x272Digitaloption: 4W touch
4.3"(16:9)GSR04B3 V11000480x272TTL
5.0"(16:9)GSR05B1 V1 / V2900 / 1500800x480TTL
5.0"(4:3)GSR05B2 V11000640x480Digital
5.6"(4:3)GSR06B1 V1 / V21000 / 450640x480Digital
5.7"(4:3)GSR06B2 V1 / V21200 / 550640x480Digital
6.5"(4:3)GSR06B41200640x480LVDSWide Temp
7"(16:10)GSR07B1 V1 / V21000 /500800x480DigitalWide Temp
7"(16:10)GSR07B1 VA / VB1000 /500800x480LVDSWide Temp
7"(16:10)GSR07B2 V1 / V21000 / 550800x480TTLSquare pixel
7"(16:10)GSR07B3 V1 / V21000 / 500800x480Digital
7"(16:10)GSR07B3 VA / VB1000 / 500800x480LVDSdriver built-in
7"(16:10)GSR07B5 V410001024x6001-c LVDSWSVGA
8"(16:10)GSR08B4 V11000800x480DigitalWide Temp
8"(4:3)GSR08B1 V6 / V7 / V8500 / 1000 / 1000800x600DigitalSVGA
8"(4:3)GSR08B1 V6B / V7B / V8B500 / 1000 / 1000800x600LVDSSVGA, built-in driver
8"(4:3)GSR08B1 V8A1000Wide View angle
8"(4:3)GSR08B6 V16001024x768LVDSXGA
8.4"(4:3)GSR08B2 V2 / V31000 / 1600800x6001-c LVDSWide Temp / LVDS
8.4"(4:3)GSR08B7 V1 / V21000 / 1600800x6001-c LVDSLVDS
8.4"(4:3)GSR08B3 V1 / V3850 / 450800x600DigitalLVDS
8.4"(4:3)GSR08B5 V11000800x6001-c LVDS
10.1"(16:9)GSR10B3 V1 / V2650 / 10001366x7681-c LVDS
10.1"(16:9)GSR10B3 V37001280x800LVDS2.8mm thickness, 
10.1"(16:9)GSR10B3 V56501366x768
10.1"(16:9)GSR10B3 V910001280 x 800LVDSWide Temp, option: p-cap touch
10.1"(16:9)GSR10B8 V110001024 x 600Wide Temp, option: p-cap touch
10.1"(16:9)GSR10B8 V210001024 x 600option: p-cap touch
10.2"(16:9)GSR10B2 V1850800x480DigitalWide Temp
10.4"(4:3)GSR10B1 V1  / V4850 / 1000800x600Digital
10.4"(4:3)GSR10B4 V1 / V21000 / 370800x6001-c LVDS
10.4"(4:3)GSR10B5 V11000800x6001-c LVDS
10.4"(4:3)GSR10B6  V211001024x7681-c LVDSWide Temp, Wide view angle
10.4"(4:3)GSR10B7 V1 / V2 / V31200 / 550 / 700800x6001-c LVDSWide Temp
12.1"(4:3)GSR12B1 V2 V31000 / 1600800x6001-c LVDSWide Temp
12.1"(4:3)GSR12B1 V41000Wide Temp, Wide view angle
12.1"(4:3)GSR12B2 V2 / V31000 / 16001024x7681-c LVDSWide Temp, Wide view angle.,XGA
12.1"(4:3)GSR12B3 V3A/ / V3B 1000 / 16001024x7681-c LVDSWide Temp, Wide view angle, XGA
12.1"(4:3)GSR12B3 V4A / /V4B1000  /  15001024x7681-c LVDS
12.1"(4:3)GSR12B4 V1 / V21200 / 5001024x7681-c LVDS
12.1"GSR12B5 V110001280x8001-c LVDSWide Temp
15"(4:3)GSR15B2 V5 10001024x7681-c LVDSWide Temp, 
15"(4:3)GSR15B2 V625001024x7681-c LVDS
15"(4:3)GSR15B2 V715001024x7681-c LVDS
15"(4:3)GSR15B3 V4 / V51000 / 15001024*7681-c LVDS
15"(4:3)GSR15B6 V2 / V3800 / 15001024*7681-c LVDS
15.6"(16:9)GSR15B1 V2 8001920 x 1080eDP
15.6"(16:9)GSR15B4 V1 / V2 / V31000 / 1500 / 5001366x7681-c LVDS
17"(5:4)GSR17B1 V6 / V7 / V8750 / 1500 / 10001280x10242-c LVDS
17"(5:4)GSR17B4 V1 / V3750 / 15001280x10242-c LVDSWide Temp
18.5"(16:9)GSR19B1 V1 10001366x7681-c LVDS
18.5"(16:9)GSR19B1 V215001366x7681-c LVDS
18.5"(16:9)GSR19B1 V412001366x7681-c LVDS
18.5"(16:9)GSR19B1 V6 / V7 / V8800 / 450 1366x7681-c LVDS
18.5"(16:9)GSR19B7 V1 / V2 / V31500 / 700 / 4501366x7681-c LVDS
19"(16:10)GSR19B2 V1 / V21000 / 15001440x9002-c LVDS
19"(16:10)GSR19B5 V2 / V4750  / 10001440x9002-c LVDS
19"(5:4)GSR19B3 V2 / V31000 / 15001280x10242-c LVDSoption: p-cap or 5W touch
19"(5:4)GSR19B6 V1 / V2 / V31000 / 500 / 15001280x10242-c LVDS
19"(5:4)GSR19B8 V1 / V3750 / 15001280x10242-c LVDSWide Temp
19"(5:4)GSR19BA V110001280x10242-c LVDSWide View angle
21.5"(16:9)GSR22B3 V412001920x10802-c LVDSoption:p-cap touch
21.5"(16:9)GSR22B3 VA25001920x10802-c LVDS
21.5"(16:9)GSR22B3 VB15001920x10802-c LVDS
21.5"(16:9)GSR22B2 V3 / V4700 / 10001920x10802-c LVDSWide View angle
23.8"(16:9)GSR24B3 V1 / V21000 / 5001920x10802-c LVDSWide View angle
27"(16:9)GSR27B1 V1 / V21000 / 5001920x10802-c LVDSWide View angle
31.5"(16:9)GSR32B5 V125001920x10802-c LVDSDirect backlight
31.5"(16:9)GSR32B5 V210001920x10802-c LVDSDirect backlight
31.5"(16:9)GSR32B5 V315001920x10802-c LVDSDirect backlight
31.5"(16:9)GSR32B5 V44001920x10802-c LVDSDirect backlight
42"(16:9)GSR42B2 V115001920x10802-c LVDS
42"(16:9)GSR42B2 V525001920x10802-c LVDS
42"(16:9)GSR42B4 V125001920x10802-c LVDS5.9mm super slim bezel
42"(16:9)GSR42B4 V215001920x10802-c LVDS5.9mm super slim bezel
42"(16:9)GSR42B4 V37001920x10802-c LVDS5.9mm super slim bezel
46"(16:9)GSR46B1 V115001920x10802-c LVDS
46"(16:9)GSR46B2 V115001920x10802-c LVDS
46"(16:9)GSR46B2 V225001920x10802-c LVDS
55"(16:9)GSR55B3 V125001920x10804-c LVDSSpecial 5.9mm super slim bezel
55"(16:9)GSR55B3 V215001920x10804-c LVDSSpecial  5.9mm super slim bezel
55"(16:9)GSR55B3 V37001920x1084-c LVDSSpecial 5.9mm super slim bezel
65"(16:9)GSR65B1 V1 / V21500 /20001920x10804-c LVDS
65"(16:9)GSR65B2 V1 / V2 / V3 1500 / 2000 / 2500    1920x1080 4-c LVDS  

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